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I haven’t blogged in what feels like ages.  I’ve had a case of the blues on top of life in general.  I deal with moderate to severe depression and once in a while I go MIA.  Not all is lost to depression though; life just gets in the way sometimes.

I want to send a big shout out to my husband Fred.  He’s such a doll.  He makes me feel like a million bucks even when I feel like twenty cents.  He makes me laugh and makes me feel special.  Love you hon.  Thank you for the sweet note you left me this morning.

We’ve had some lovely weather.  We’ve had some crappy weather.  Mother Nature seems to be in a fickle state of mind.  Last week we hit 90 degrees one day and 47 degrees the next.  This morning was nice though.  Our greyhound Perry and I greeted the day on the deck.  I had coffee.  He had gas.  Just another day in the life.

It’s also been very w-i-n-d-y.  My hair is not meant for wind.  I am not one of the fortunate few who can come in from the wind, shake my hair a bit and look good.  When I come in from w-i-n-d-y conditions I look like I’ve been riding around in the truck with my head out the window (minus the slobber.)  We planted flowers during a w-i-n-d-y day last week.  It was so ridiculously w-i-n-d-y that I felt myself copping an attitude; fists pumping and curse words flying at Mother Nature.  I make for good entertainment for my neighbors.

I hate it when people call other people fat.  Using words such as overweight or obese or something along those lines is a lot kinder than fat.  I am not skinny by any means.  I am lucky that I am tall as I can hold my weight a bit better but I could stand to lose extra poundage.  In two years I’ve lost 20 pounds…it’s nothing monumental but it’s something.  I went shopping with a friend the other day and although I don’t think she realized how it was going to sound, she said something that stopped me in my tracks.  “You should feel skinny now,” says she.  Me, not knowing what’s coming, says, “Why?”  She points to a rather large woman and says, “Well, compared to that fat lady.”  ::jaw drop::

What in the world has happened to our brain-to-mouth filters?  Do we really feel it absolutely necessary to the survival of the human race to verbalize every.single.thing we are thinking?  Words hurt.  Kindness counts.

It’s official, I’m getting clumsier as I get older.  Fred built a ramp coming off the deck for the dogs several years ago.  About a month ago I was going down the ramp and slipped and fell.  Right on my ass.  I was mortified.  The first thing I did was look up to make sure the neighbors didn’t see me.  I don’t know why I have this intense embarrassment descend upon me when I fall.  Once I saw that no one witnessed my spillage I let loose with a string of curse words that would make Sharon Osbourne proud. 

Fred got me a beautiful Tanzanite ring for Mother’s Day.  I am quite smitten with it.  I want to say a little something about Mother’s Day.  It is a special opportunity for people to tell their mothers how much they mean to them.  But not all Mother’s Days are created equal.  For many, Mother’s Day is bittersweet.  Some moms have lost children or have a less than stellar relationship with their kids.  Other women suffer infertility.  These are painful things and can make Mother’s Day a painful day.  I just want to send out good thoughts and prayers for these women.

I must go now.  There is a mad bumblebee outside my kitchen door.  Seriously, it is buzzing so loud I can hear it in the dining room.  I should go out and ask her what her problem is.  Maybe not.  I’m allergic to bees and my arms flail about and I scream like a girl whenever there’s one around.  Maybe I should send Perry to the deck and let him expel a plume of his patented gas her way.  I guarantee that will cure all that ails her.  Who says you need insect repellant?  This is the ultimate in going green.

Until next time……


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