Aging ain't for sissies. Neither is chronic pain.

Just So You Know…

Short and simple…

Aging is catching me off guard. I hadn’t planned on being middle aged. I hadn’t planned on not being middle aged. But here I am to share my observations, complaints and musings on, you guessed it, middle age (and other such interesting topics.)

I am in my mid 50’s, am married and have two dogs, one retired racing greyhound named Chilli and a whippet named Willow.

My husband is a doll. My dogs are cool. I am…well, middle aged. I do have a few interests when I can remember them. I am an avid reader, computer geek (not to the extreme mind you), writer, tree hugger, and creator of a cornucopia of partially completed art projects.

I have a serious side which will no doubt but I much prefer humor. I’ve been dealing with fibromyalgia for over two decades and it has changed my life dramatically.  I am an empath and highly sensitive – I cannot read your mind but I can read your energy.

There are things I love such as my husband and dogs, chocolate, melted ice cream, Jeff Dunham, classic rock and roll and Facebook. There are things I hate like green vegetables, speed limits, Hot Pockets and Facebook.

One of my favorite bands is The Eagles and thanks to Joe Walsh, have found one line in one song from that entire genre that describes my attitude…I can’t complain but sometimes I still do.


Comments on: "Just So You Know…" (9)

  1. I’m right there with all of you! My 60th birthday a few years ago threw me into a months-long depression; but then I discovered “something new every month” and what a journey it’s been! I’ll look forward to staying connected……

  2. […] you to Terri Oronato at Aging Inferno for her recent post Failure Is An […]

  3. Right there with you sister. I have been moved to blog to deal with my fog.

  4. Mama Bandita said:

    Aaack, are we in our 40’s already? I remember meeting you–we were so young and the only grey around was in reference to our hounds, not our hair! Of course I was coloring mine to be auburn back then, so I could be fudging about that. I’ll never tell!

  5. Wonderful blog, Terri. You have a nice way with words. Keep on writing, if you can remember. :-))

  6. Hello Terri,

    Great blog! The only problem is I’m on the the same damn train as you. At least we can ride it together,got to tell you I want to make a few stops along our way. See you soon!

  7. Hey Terri,

    Is there a way to be notified of updates??? I’d love to keep up with you on your journey as I am 50 now so I am 1 step or is that 93489485890435289298743289705 steps ahead of you!

  8. Eileen Saks said:

    Love the blog!! All I can say is wait until you get beyond middle age if you think it is bad.

    I had a real laugh over your tweezer story. I keep one in the car too. Problem is that my eyesight is going, so sometimes I have to wonder how long the hair has been on the chin before I noticed it. Oy

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