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Let’s Chat

I haven’t written anything lately because I seem to have developed a case of writer’s block.  I thought maybe if I got on here and chatted it might break down the wall that is stifling my creativity.  I wonder if they make a laxative for writer’s blockage.  I could take it at night and by morning all the crap would be purged from my brain.

I finally had to stop watching the news.  I don’t want to live with my head in the sand but there is a limit to how much bad news a person can listen to.  I mean seriously, how many stories of politicians caught with their pants down do I want to hear?

Remember my post about decluttering?  It was a slow start but we’re working on it.  We cleaned out an area of our basement that included, but was not limited to,  boxes of old bank statements from 1993.  Really?  Even my husband thought that was a little over the top.

I had my hair colored and this time I splurged and went to the salon instead of doing it myself.  I now have blonde highlights and really like it.  So does my husband.  The dogs didn’t even notice, the brats.

I appear to becoming more absent minded when it comes to my techie toys.  I thought I had turned off my iPod but apparently used the wrong button.  When I went to use it the battery was drained and I cussed a blue streak.  I got out my Kindle to read a new book but had failed to turn it off the last time I used it, thus the battery was drained and I cussed a red streak.  I really need to learn to use the *&# %*@# off buttons.

I spend more time on my laptop mainly because of my new addiction…Africam.  It is a cool, live webcam of wild animals at a preserve in Africa.  You can find it at – trust me, you’ll become addicted too.  I keep my laptop running all day with the webcam open to the site so I can watch the animals in real time.  (My friend A and I talk on the phone while watching the web cam several times a week.  Do we need to get a life yet?)  If you become addicted be warned, you might see some nature type things happening in the romance department.

I’m watching American Idol this year and think that judge Kara is far too full of crap and that’s saying a lot considering she sits next to the king of criticism, Simon Cowell.  Enough said.

Well…I’ve chatted but have no idea if I still have writer’s block.  Time will tell.  In the meantime I will peruse my gardening books looking for the next big thing for my flower beds.  I’m not sure how I will fare in the gardening department this year.  It might interfere with my web cam time and we can’t have that.  🙂


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