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Hashtag This

We got our first computer in 1991 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Over the years I’ve learned about hard drives, random access memory, bytes (mega and otherwise), viruses, spam (oh the spam!) and what seems like a million other things. In 1997 I created my first website where I learned about html, a language that makes the codes of secret societies look like child’s play.

Needless to say I’ve learned a lot but then…then comes social media. Facebook was my entry into this online phenomenon. I wasn’t’ sure I wanted to dive in head first because it all seemed so complicated. I dove anyway and came to really enjoy Facebook as a way to stay in touch with friends all the while regaling them with of photos of my dogs, witty memes and deep thinking, life-altering quotes.


I remained blissfully unaware of the pace at which social media was growing until I heard the word “tweet”. What, pray tell, is a tweet? Enter….Twitter. Talk about confusing. I signed up and was immediately blindsided by the hashtag movement.

First let me say that this little sign…#…was never called a hashtag in my world. It was affectionately known as the pound sign (please press # for more options) and the number sign (I’ll have a # nine, hold the mayo.) Even if it was a hashtag, we didn’t call it a hashtag. And don’t get me started on the spelling. Autocorrect on all my electronic devices insist that spelling hashtag as one word is wrong and they unceremoniously separate it but if I go online to the wide world of hashtags it’s one word. #Whatevah


I rarely post anything on Twitter because being limited to 140 characters to express myself is pure torture. The times I’ve posted something I avoided hashtags because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Needless to say my tweets fizzled out right quick. #CluelessAndTweetless

As I quietly went about my business of avoiding hashtags, I heard of a social platform called Instagram. I looked into it, wasn’t sure it was my thing but I decided to sign up and see what all the fun was about. I’ll tell you what all the fun was about. Hashtags. Everywhere hashtags. #HashtagHell


After opening the Instagram app I stared at it for a long time because I could not figure out what to do with it. It seemed so very simple but I couldn’t wrap my head around what I was supposed to do. For someone who is good with computers, programs and apps etc., I am apparently lacking skill regarding anything that includes hashtags. #JustKillMeNow

Out of frustration I convinced myself that the app developers at Instagram did not know what they were doing and I deleted the app. That’ll teach them. But to be honest I hate being bested by something like this so I downloaded the app again. #Sucker #Dumbass

Suffice to say I am no closer to knowing what to do with hashtags today than I was the first time I discovered them. Call me grumpy or old fashioned or caffeine deprived but the morphing of our innocent, upstanding pound sign into an over used, overrated method of getting the attention of the masses has little appeal to me. Regardless of my objections it’s a force to be reckoned with. I guess I need to get used to the fact that stuck in between the things we want to say, this little pound sign wannabe is waiting to take over the world. #YouBetterWatchOut #HashtagWorldDomination #IsTheAmpersandNext?




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