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Keeping resolutions isn’t my strong suit.  I can make them easily enough but keeping them is becoming increasingly difficult as my brain ages and takes more vacations.  Some days I’m lucky if I can remember to…um, to…oh yeah, remember.

In 2010 I want make some changes but the chance of me remembering these changes is slim to none so I thought it might be a good idea to post my list here.  This way I can go back during the year and refresh my memory.  Of course I’ll have to remember to check my list periodically thus requiring me to hang a Post It note on my desk to remind me to remember.

To me the word resolution seems so open-ended, leaving far too much wiggle room for someone as undisciplined as I am.  I don’t want to simply resolve to do something; I actually want to do it.  (If I can remember to do it that is.)

So I place before you, not my resolutions, but my “things to remember to change in 2010.”

1)  Declutter.  Seriously.  Do I really need the old 8-track cassette player that is well over 25 years old?  (I couldn’t even unload the damn thing at a yard sale for a buck fifty last summer.)  Besides, it’s doing nothing more than taking up space I could be using to display my extensive paper clip collection.

2)  While decluttering my house I want to declutter my mind and work on letting go of things that have filled my thoughts for far too long.  Marie Osmond’s mom Olive once said, “You spend the last half of your life fixing what the first half did to you.”  Nuff said.

3)  Update my wardrobe.  I have the most pathetic mish-mash of clothes on the face of the planet.  (Does our planet really have a face?)  Jeans and t-shirts have their place but one can’t really wear them to a wedding, funeral or a meeting with the Pope.

4)  Make more lists.  I am terribly forgetful and I need reminders.  LOTS of reminders.  The problem is that I don’t like lists.  They clutter up the place (thus sabotaging my attempts to declutter my life.)  To avoid a pile of Post It notes I am going to buy myself a shiny new notebook to keep my lists organized.  Hopefully I won’t forget where I put it.

5)  Fight off the dust bunny blues.  I have 4 dogs and don’t need any additional creatures hiding under the bed waiting for me to feed and groom them.

6)  I want to…cough, cough…cook more.  Yep, you heard it here first.  Me, the ninny who hates cooking with the fire of a thousand suns, is going to cultivate my culinary skills (or lack thereof.)

I did a good bit more cooking over the holidays than I normally do and found that, although I’d rather French kiss a rattle snake than cook, the end result was usually pretty good.  (Notice I said usually…don’t even ask me about my macaroni/lima bean/lentil/sauerkraut/sliced apple casserole.  ::shudder:: )

(I want to give a quick shout out to my friend Ann who shared with me her recipe for potato soup.  In Ann’s words it really “tripped my trigger.”

7)  Last but not least, I will strive to be a better person.  I will try harder, reach out more, work on forgiveness and live my life more fully.  I will take this life that’s been given me and hopefully make a difference in my own little corner of the world.

So with great gusto I say, “C’mon 2010, hit me with your best shot.  I’m ready, willing and…and…crap.  What the hell was I going to say??”


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